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The Content Mix Podcast

Nov 27, 2020

France-based Aline Geffroy speaks with Shaheen Samavati about her role as global social media director for Saint-Gobain, a design, manufacturing and material distribution company. She talks about what it’s like to manage social media for a massive company like Saint-Gobain, which is present in 69 countries. Aline discusses the importance of engaging both internal and external audiences—especially during lockdown, when social media was many employees’ main window into the company. She explains how Saint-Gobain has supported its team during the pandemic and spotlighted “unknown heroes” like the IT workers that have kept its systems up and running. She also discusses the necessity of showing solidarity in marketing, and explains how Saint-Gobain has done so this year. The company has demonstrated solidarity not only in its messaging, but also in its actions; for example, by providing much-needed materials for the victims of the Beirut explosion.